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Kite Camp, Kite cruise in Egypt

You will spend a week of unforgettable holidays on a luxury yacht designed for 24-30 guests in 2023 with first-class meals, tear-off parties, and, of course, kitesurfing from morning until sunset. We will ride every windy day, since we are mobile, we will find the best spots for you! A team of professional instructors will make sure that the learning and riding process is comfortable and safe, and you get the maximum pleasure from kitesurfing. Kite safari in Egypt is rightfully considered one of the best offers on the market and kite surf services. We have prepared an explosive and really intense program for you! Hop on!
Unforgettable trip on a floating 5-star hotel in the Red Sea
IKO instructors who will help both beginners and advanced to progress while kitesurfing
Luxury cabins, 3 meals a day, fruit and soft drinks
Constant wind on kite-spots with a flat and shallow water on the islands in the Red Sea
The best equipment for any wind
Snorkeling, diving, yacht parties. Holiday you will remember!

Luxurious yachts

Fantastic luxury yachts for you to choose for unforgettable kite cruises. Moror yacht characteristic and what include our kite cruise
  • Length: from 38-46 meters
  • Width: from 8-9 meters
  • Number of guests: from 26 to 34
  • From 12 cabins, 26 places, up to 4 decks
  • Each cabin is equipped with climate control air con, bathroom, 5 star service
  • 3 meals a day snacks season fruits and soft drinks
  • Jacuzzi on each yacht
  • Accommodation in the cabin with two separate beds (flower deck) - 1400 euros per person
  • Cabin "Junior Suite" on the second floor with access to the deck, with two separate beds - 1600 euros per person (possible to make double bed)
  • Cabin "Superior Suite" with panoramic windows on the second floor, with king size bed for couple with access to the deck - 3860 euro cabin (only 2 cabins)
  • 2 rescue speed boats
  • Aditional enviroment fee 100 euro and service fee 100 for a boat crew, for yacht-safari team 50 euro per persos buy cash

Kitesurf boat cruises on luxurious mootr yachts

Lira Red Sea
  • Luxury Yacht Lira
  • 1400 euros per person
  • Aril 6-13, May 4-11, 25-1 June
More about the cruise
Neo Red sea
  • Luxury Yacht "Neo"
  • 1400 euros per person
  • March 30 - 6 April, April 6-13 May11-18
More about the cruise
Sea story red sea
  • Luxury Yacht "Sea story"
  • 1400 euros per person
  • June 1-8, 15-22
More about the cruise

Kite-progress for any level


  • Flat, crystal clear water
  • Comfortable depth to the waist without waves
  • Large open space for riding
  • Experienced instructors who will quickly teach you how to ride
  • Daily photo shoot of riding with analysis of mistakes and training lectures
  • Full set of equipment to your service (best kites, bars, boards, harnesses)
  • The cost of group kite training for the entire period of the kite safari 600 euros per person (2-4 people in group) 80 euro per hour individual kite training
  • From 500 € per week (your equipment) 700 € include equipment


  • Flat water, which helps you to learn any trick easier and faster
  • No traffic on the water
  • Good wind statistics
  • From insecure back-rolls to stylish tricks in just 7 days
  • There are many instructors around you - you can always ask for advice or take a lesson
  • Daily photo shoot of riding with analysis of mistakes and training lectures
  • Downwind kite trip from one spot to another
  • The cost of group kite training for the entire period of the kite safari 700 € per person (2-4 people in group) 80 € per hour individual kite training

Our Team


Cheerful and energetic as the sun, she has been a kite instructor since 2011.Creator of a kite school JollyKite in Thailand IKO Instructor Level 3.
More about the instructor
Aleksandr Instruktor


Alex is very kind, calm and understanding. In general, friendliness is a hallmark of our kite school team, and Sasha, as befits a boss, is the friendliest. Head Instructor.
More about the instructor


Extremely cheerful, always smiling and sharing good vibes. For 9 years she has been teaching kitesurfing and wont change it for anything else. IKO Instructor.
More about the instructor


Calm, nice and intelligent, professional kite instructor, IKO certified, teaches from 2015
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Kite Safari Schedule

1 day
Saturday - arrival at the airport of Hurghada, Egypt. Kite safari starts from Saturday to Saturday. During this day, we all arrive on board. We will meet you at Hurghada airport and take you comfortably to the main Marina port where yacht is parked – our hotel for the next week. If everyone arrive early and conditions allow us, we depart on the same day. If flight arrivals are late, we have dinner and spend the first night on yacht board. Departure from Hurghada on Sunday morning.
2-4 day
After sailing from the Marina port, we will go to the first place of kiting, enjoying a delicious breakfast on board our luxury yacht, a briefing and introductory part of the theory for beginners. Before lunch or during breakfast, we come to the first island, which will be our spot for training and kitesurfing. After the yacht is parked, we will go to the island for the first kite-sit, and the beginners will continue the theory on board. And they go to the island in the second batch. As well as debriefing on the past day in the company of instructors.
5-6 day
After the first kite session, a tasty lunch prepared by the chef awaits us, followed by another kite session before sunset. For those who have joined to relax and chill in the sun, we have board games, and the opportunity to explore the depths of the Red Sea by snorkeling. When we enjoy the beautiful sunset, our chef will prepare a wonderful dinner. Main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are served on the boat. Every evening we are waiting for parties, barbecues and other interesting events on the deck of the yacht.
7-8 day
The planned route, choice and number of stops may vary depending on the wind and weather conditions. We finish kiting on Friday afternoon and at sunset we return to the port of Hurghada. Saturday is our final day on the boat. We will take you to the airport in time for your flight departure. Dear friends, join now! And come to kitesurf on a perfect vacation with us!

Relax in
launge zones
Kite gymnastic
and yoga
Games (mafia, killer,
board games)Тематические-вечеринки-на-кайт-сафрари.jpg
Mind blowing

Prices and packages

1 person

Cabin is shared with another person
€ 1400
  • Transfer  airport/boat/airport
  • Accommodation in a standard room with two beds or with one big bed for two people
  • Three meals a day, seasonal fruits, snacks   and soft drinks
  • Permanent control on water and boat rescue
  • Photographing and debriefing with an instructor
  • Yoga and kite gymnastics in the morning
  • Snorkeling equipment
Doesn't include:
Flight; Visa on arrival - $25; Alcohol; Diving training and dive equipment rental and Kiteboarding equipment and trainings Environmental fee, service fees

1 person

Cabin is shared with another person. 2 twin beds or one big bed
€ 1600
  • Transfer  airport/boat/airport
  • Accommodation in a Deluxe room in a standard cabin
  • Three meals a day, seasonal fruits, snacks and soft drinks
  • Permanent control on water and boat rescue
  • Photographing and debriefing with an instructor
  • Yoga and kite gymnastics in the morning
  • Snorkeling equipment
Doesn't include:
Flight; Visa on arrival - $25; Alcohol; Diving training and dive equipment rental and Kiteboarding equipment and trainings Environmental fee, service fees

Master suite
2 person

Maximum comfort cabin for two on the top floor with panoramic windows overlooking the sea
€ 3860
  • Transfer  airport/boat/airport
  • Accommodation in a Master suite room with king size bed for a couple
  • Yoga and kite gymnastics in the morning
  • Photographing and sorting out errors includes all packages
  • Permanent control on water and boat rescue
  • Three meals a day, seasonal fruits, snacks and soft drinks
  • Snorkeling equipment
Doesn't include:
Flight; Visa on arrival - $25; Alcohol; Diving training and dive equipment rental and Kiteboarding equipment and trainings Environmental fee, service fees


A completely customized, full-service kite safari on Egypt’s Red Sea, your private charter is organized, managed, and staffed exclusively by our s team. Please make inquiry in forward so we can find a better boat for you
  • Corporate Events On Yacht
  • Marriages, Anniversary Parties
  • Flexible Event Dates
  • You Choose The Route And Spots
  • Professional Catering and Service
  • Transfer  airport/boat/airport
  • Photographing and sorting out errors includes all packages
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Permanent control on water and boat rescue
Doesn't include:
Flight; Visa on arrival - $25; Alcohol; Diving training and dive equipment rental and Kiteboarding equipment and trainings Environmental fee, service fees

Kite classes

Group lessons for all period of kite cruise
€ 500
  • Kite lessons
  • Water rescue
  • Radio, safety equipment (helmet, life jacket)
  • Safety equipment (helmet, life jacket)
Doesn't include: kite equipment

Kite equipment

We have a high quality kite equipment for rent
€ 300
  • Kite (any sizes)
  • Harnes, control bar
  • Kite board (any size)
  • Hydrofoil
Doesn't include: coral shoes, wetsuit

How it was last year

How safe in Egypt?

In Egypt and Hurgada especially is a very welcoming place living a lot from tourism. So it's pretty safe in general now: no conflicts inside of related to country and all the tourists are "holy cows", so you don't need to worry about your safety on the boat or in the city. Still wearing more reserved clothes is recommended for girls as Egypt is Muslim country. Unless you want to constantly catch the eyes of Egyptian men on you or find local husband fast 😁 More reserved outfit (without open bellies, very short skirts/dresses/shirts, transparent or sexy clothes) matters basically only when you go out of Marina. Marina itself is a super touristic place with locals used to every possibly outfit.

Money questions/exchange etc

You don't need to take a lot of cash on you. If you paid only the prepayment for the safari, we kindly ask you to take euros to pay the rest on the boat in the first day. In all the restaurants in Marina and most of shops you can pay by card, but when you go out of Marina for some shopping it's better to have local cash or small dollars on you. You can get local cash from the ATMs in Marina. There are also ATMs where you can change dollars/euros. For that sometimes they ask you for a local phone number, but you can just put 11 times "0" (00000000000) and it'll be enough to proceed to change. You can also change money on Sharaton street, the main touristic vein of Hurgada, in 5 minutes walk from our Marina. There are bank branches for that. The only thing you need with you is your passport. Smaller dollars/euros can be also in need when you buy local sim-card in the airport. Be ready that they'll pay you change in local currency. Soft drinks (juice, water, tea, instant coffee) are included in price of the safari buy you can need cash to pay for alcohol (wine, beer) and espresso coffee. Cash can be needed to pay for individual photoshoots some memorables on the boat (we will have glasses, silver hand-made jewelry for sale). We would not recommend you to change money in the airport because the change rate is not very good there.

Where you can go for shopping ?

If you want to buy some Egyptian memorables (spices, natural sponges, tea, black seed oil, Arabic lamps, Arabic dresses, jewelry etc) you can go for shopping to Marina or to Sharaton street (5minutes from our Marina). Also there will be option to buy awesome glasses and silver hand-made jewelry on the boat.

Insurance / Sea Sickness / Health issues

On our trip while being on the boat you don't need to worry about your health. The boat is being cleaned all the time. Special reliable stuff is cleaning your room every day and change towels one time during the trip. The food is adapted to European tastes so you don't need to be worried about you stomach as well. Hygiene and clean water is a must here. Though every body is different, very rear stomach issues can happen even in the best places in the world. In any situation we have all needed medical and a doctor on the yacht. As the boat is very big it's a slight chance that you'll experience sea sickness. But in case you are sensitive to swell there are special tablets on the boat. You should take one pill evening before our launch from Marina at 5:30 a.m. and problem is solved. When we are at the island we are not moving so you basically sleep like a kid in a swing. No sea sickness can occur during the boat being parked at the spot😇 We would recommend you to take care of the medical insurance. Don't forget that we'll be doing an extreme kind of sport. Under the eye of instructors it's safe at maximum but if you're doing freestyle the risks increase, so please take care of being insured for doing water sports. On the boat we'll have a doctor but if smth more serious happens and the boat to the mainland will be needed it is at least 300-400€ one way. So please, jump from the highest deck of the boat only in the last day of the trip 👹

What's about internet during the trip?

We will have internet connection at the most spots of the kite-safari. We also take signal antenna's amplifiers, so the connection will be more or less stable. Unfortunately with Egyptian internet, it's not always easy, so if someone needs to go to video calls and not depend on how many people connect to the wi-fi, it's better to buy Egyptian sim-card or be on roaming. ‼️ There's a chance that we stay on the spot without internet for a couple of days. So please finish all your urgents before the trip. Info for those who will buy local cards for the Internet. They cost $10-15 and we will buy them right at the airport. It is preferable to take Orange or Etisalat. Therefore, it is better to have small dollars with you, the Egyptians are happy to accept them, but they like to give out change in their local currency. Therefore, exchange $50-100 banknotes for smaller 1-5-10$

What clothes do you need for kitesurfing?

October is a warm month, the average air temperature is +30 C, the water temperature is about +25C. And this means that it is very comfortable to ride and you can forget about uncomfortable thick wetsuits. Here's approximate items you can need: 🔸 hat for riding, otherwise the face can burn badly 🔸 glasses with a good UV lens to protect your eyes from the sun. This is especially important for beginners who constantly look up at the kite and, accordingly, at the sun. Be sure to have a rope /floater for the glasses so that they do not drown. 🔸Neoprene shoes - a must for everyone!!! The ideal option for me is a short shoes 1-3 mm. In 5 mm shoes you will be very hot. 2mm is fine too. 🔸lycra shirt - a must for everybody to not get burned, leggings for girls - optional (especially for those who's learning during low tides). Leggings can be the most ordinary sports ones that you don’t mind wasting. Remember, it will most likely be hot and during the day the whole body better to hide from direct sun, especially in the first days. 🔸short thin 1-2 mm wetsuits are also considered as an option for riding, especially after lunch, when the active sun goes down rapidly. It doesn't get cold, but the heat goes away. 🔸 Do I need a long 3 mm wetsuit? You definitely don't need it in October, but just in case and if you have 3mm shorty you can take it. 🔸 Do I need a long 5 mm wetsuit? We can recommend to leave space in your bag for mango instead of 5mm wetsuit in October😇 🔸it can also be useful to take smth to cover the lower part of your face - but it's definitely optional, not a must 🔸 sun creams, colorful surf zincs and again sun creams, better with SPF 50, and don't forget to put it on your ears! Believe it or not, but they will burn first 😁

Which clothes should I take to wear on the boat?

October is always a warm month. Of course, we will check the weather before the flight to check if nothing changed ftom what we used to. For today the clothes-list can look like that: ▫️ socks, flip flops and maximum sandals or flip flops that you want to wear to the island. On the boat its a barefoot-mode. The floor is always clean, the staff cleans it regularly. And you will not be allowed into the dining room in shoes, the staff carefully monitors this and the cleanliness of the yacht. Therefore, who does not want to walk barefoot - take socks. ▫️ Light clothing is essential. As during the day you change from your swimsuit/shorts to dry clothes for lunch or evening. ▫️ guys often take 1-2 pairs of shorts, a couple of T-shirts, a jacket and that's it ▫️ girls often take shorts, a skirt, t-shirts, a shirt, light dresses, put a sweater / jacket on their shoulders in the evening ▫️ a light windbreaker (we remember that the wind is blowing here), leggings / top / shorts (for yoga and stretching), you can wear hoodies or light pants ▫️also take some outfit/costume for our TRIBE Party. Some inspirational looks/examples we'll send later. We have also idea about NEON party, if everyone have time and power for that, so some white item is advisable in your wardrobe👼 ▫️ be sure to take caps/hats/SPF creams/zincs/sunglasses with the leash/line to them ▫️ hair dryer if the girls need it In fact, you don’t need a lot of clothes, because basically everyone spends time on the beach. In the morning you go out for breakfast, then drink coffee on the 2nd deck, then ride, then change and have lunch (chill on the decks), then ride again and then go down for dinner. Here, girls can recall that they have a beautiful dresses or pink lipstick, while guys still continue to wear their shorts 🙂

What about alcohol in Egypt?

In Egypt You can buy Strong alcohol , champagne and wine. But it's better to buy alcohol in your country or in Duty Free🤓. Because Local alcohol is ... very local😄🤔but it's impossible to find here anything else. 😜 (Attention! you can buy only one bottle in Egyptian duty free) You can buy egyptian strong alcohol, champagne, beer and energy drinks on the yacht for an additional fee.


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